A new concept comes to Palma.
We were a benchmark of the island for many years,
and we return with the intention of recovering that place.
We have reinvented ourselves, and at MarChica you have it all.



Our restaurant with a wide range of prepared, healthy dishes to share.


Our bars with signature cocktails and the great classics


A perfect musical environment for you: to accompany your dinner or your drink, or to push you to dance and enjoy the night.


In marchica you will find a warm and serene atmosphere, in an exceptional location from where you can enjoy spectacular views of the sea. All this accompanied by our elaborate international cuisine and a select range of the best sushi on the island.


Carta Food Marchica
Carta Drinks Marchica
Carta Cocktails Marchica

A coffee, a cocktail or a gin and tonic after a day of work.
Enjoy a good dinner or are you looking to have fun with the best music and dancing in our club. The choice is yours

Our concept is complete and the options are many,
be it a quick stop or a whole night.

Enjoy the little moments.
You have already found your place: welcome to marchica.